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Title: Next Generation Intelligent Data Security Application for Enterprises (NGI-DataSec)
Authors: Gunarathna, K.C.
Weerawardene, K.G.
Thenuwara, I.S.
Perera, W.A.S.
Warnatunga, S.A.
Widyasekara, E. C. S.
Keywords: Next Generation
Data Security
Data Security Application
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2014
Abstract: In the modern world people face lot of problems when considering data protection. So data security and data protection takes an important place in business community. Most companies and organizations depend on their own data. If those data goes to some other person’s hand, sometimes that company could suffer huge loses in their businesses. So they try to protect their Organizational data from hackers and unauthorized persons. And most companies spent large amount of money on this issue. But the technology develops day-by-day, so the threat for valuable data increases. The hackers and crackers get more talented, skilled and intelligent, also because of the development of the technologies. So, to protect the data we have to move beyond the technologies. We choose the area of protecting data using the technologies, “DIGITAL STEGANOGRAPHY” and PKI (Public Key-Private Key) Architecture And hiding data in pixel data on bitmap images. By developing our system can protect data with low cost. And there are no such systems with these technologies combined together. Purpose of this document is to inform people about the importance of our system and the work flow (how it works/design) of it.
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